9/13/18 - ("hello, world\n");

Today I learned how to navigate the CS50 workspace and execute ("hello, world")! The purpose of this lesson is to learn how to execute a basic line of code in C and learn your way around the terminal commands.

I ran into a couple of issues navigating and searching through folders in the terminal window -- it took a couple of tries typing "ls" in the terminal and seeing lists being made, then rapidly spamming "cd" into the terminal until I found what I was looking for. A couple of times I forgot to save and compile over the last source code, but I'm still figuring it out based on past mistakes. Soon enough, I saw "hello world" in the terminal. "make hello" created a completely new file that I was unfamiliar with, but after I typed "./hello", I noticed my code became executable.

I learned how to use "style50" to check my code's consistency and make sure everything is correct. It will let you know if you should…

Technology Impact Interview

Which technology/technological innovation has had the biggest impact on your life?

"I would say the internet more than anything. You can search for anything in the world -- with the internet you can find information quickly and it offers so much to us. It goes into detail, from banking online, shopping, research, etc. We used to use encyclopedias and physical maps for everything, but now it's so convenient and saves time to find it online. Shopping has become easier now that you don't have to travel to a store, also online banking and being able to pay online and see your accounts has made life easier for me. The internet provides so much -- education and connections to other sources."

While the internet is quite vast, I agree with my mom and how she explained that it has made her life easier. I wasn't alive when nearly every little thing had to be searched for in books or just referenced through knowledge. I can't imagine how much technology has changed sinc…

Impactful Innovation

The computing innovation that has had the most impact on my life are social media applications because they're something that a large majority of my age group uses to socialize and connect with each other. A positive to this innovation is that it allows people to talk and share photos, videos, and interests over the internet in a fast and efficient way without physically being there. It's so interesting how you can see what people are doing from thousands of miles away with just the tap of your screen, and this is being shared among millions of people. However, a negative to social media is that it can become easily addictive, and you may become so focused on the lives of other people that you start comparing someone else's life to yours and become dissatisfied. I think social media has become more negative than positive, as it seems many self image issues source from social media when people compare their situations to others' and start looking at themselves dif…